Manifesting for Non-Gurus Explained

Speaking at Jack in the Box

Speaking at Google

1.  Daily Disciplines Letter (2:46)
Robert MacPhee explains the importance of having daily disciplines but not overdoing it…

2.  Facilitating an Appreciation Exercise (7:09)
Robert MacPhee facilitates an exercise about experiencing gratitude and appreciation… (including a brief interaction with Jack Canfield who Robert worked with for 12 years)

3.  The Cork Trick Set Up (2:32) (best if you have two wine corks)
Robert MacPhee demonstrates a powerful change metaphor…

4.  The Cork Trick Debriefed (1:27)
Robert MacPhee explains the valuable lessons of this powerful change metaphor…

NOTE:  The explanation of how to do the cork trick has intentionally been edited out of these videos,  If you simply MUST know how to do it, please contact us at or (760) 632-4909.