All presentations are customized to the group and audience.

“Change Mastery” 

This presentation outlines a simple four-part model that explains the dynamics of change and why most people resist it.  It also goes through the five steps of the Manifesting for Non-Gurus approach and contrasts it with the approach most people take to making changes.

“Leadership Mastery”

This presentation is targeted to organizational leaders.  The content shows them how to get more of the results they want from their business while at the same time having the experience they want of running their company.  The issue of having the experience of LIFE that a leader desires is also addressed.

“Manifesting for the Next Generation” 

Robert has a passion for supporting young people.  This presentation is geared toward youth groups and any organization that encourages and supports youth.  The Manifesting for Non-Gurus approach is specifically tailored to the issues faced by youth.

In addition to these specific topics, using elements of the Manifesting for Non-Gurus approach and drawing from Robert’s vast experience in the personal and professional development industry a custom tailored presentation can be created to meet the needs of any organization.